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Michael Faraday: A Life From Beginning to End

Michael Faraday

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Michael Faraday is regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern physics. His work in the field of electromagnetism revolutionized society, leading to new avenues of study and developments of technology that would leave the world changed forever. Without Faraday’s discoveries, there would be no electronics or electrical power. There…

A Life Of Discovery

ISBN 10 : 1400060168
ISBN 13 : 9781400060160

Presents the life of Michael Faraday, the discoverer of the fundamental laws of electricity, recounting his rise from a humble background to his eventual position as one of the lea..

The Electric Life Of Michael Faraday

ISBN 10 : 080271823X
ISBN 13 : 9780802718235

Michael Faraday was one of the most gifted and intuitive experimentalists the world has ever seen. Born into poverty in 1791 and trained as a bookbinder, Faraday rose through the r..

The Philosopher S Tree

ISBN 10 : 0750305703
ISBN 13 : 9780750305709

Michael Faraday has a good case to be crowned as the greatest experimental scientist who ever lived. His discoveries in electrochemistry, electromagnetism, dia-and para-magnetism a..

Michael Faraday Father Of Electronics

ISBN 10 : 0836134796
ISBN 13 : 9780836134797

A fictionalized account of the British scientist's life contrasts his lack of formal education with his creation of such important inventions as the electric motor, the transformer..

Michael Faraday

ISBN 10 : 9780195117639
ISBN 13 : 0195117638

A biography of the nineteenth-century English scientist whose religious beliefs guided his exploration of electricity and magnetism...

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