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My Inventions – The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

Serbian inventor NIKOLA TESLA (1857-1943) was a revolutionary scientist who forever changed the scientific fields of electricity and magnetism. Tesla’s greatest invention, A/C current, powers almost all of the technological wonders in the world today, from home heating to computers to high-tech robotics. His discoveries gave mankind the television. And his dream of wireless communication came to pass in both the radio and eventually the cell phone. Yet his story remains widely unknown….

My Inventions

ISBN 10 : 9781470921088
ISBN 13 : 1470921081

The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind o..

My Inventions

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ISBN 13 :


My Inventions

ISBN 10 : 9780486807218
ISBN 13 : 0486807215

The Croatian-American inventor recounts the story of his life, from his schooling and work in Europe to development of the alternating-current induction motor. Includes "The Proble..

My Inventions Nikola Tesla S Autobiography

ISBN 10 : 9781312382824
ISBN 13 : 1312382821

My Inventions Nikola Tesla's Autobiography At the age of 63 Tesla the story of his life. First published in 1919 in the Electrical Experimenter magazine Table of Contents I.My Earl..

My Inventions For A Horse

ISBN 10 : 9781418411862
ISBN 13 : 1418411868

Aware that the readers like a scientific array, the author strived to satiate this overlooked desirability. The mosaic of topics offered here, was for addressing this forgotten cra..

My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook

ISBN 10 : 1780676115
ISBN 13 : 9781780676111

Do you have some crazy inventions up your sleeve?! This book is jam-packed with Andrew Rae's amazing drawings showing all sorts of real inventions that seem too weird to work. How ..

Variations On Normal

ISBN 10 : 9781473521261
ISBN 13 : 1473521262

Ingenious and amusing illustrated inventions from the brilliant mind of Dominic Wilcox 'I love this book. Laugh-out-loud funny. I want a salty thumb lolly now!' Harry Hill As we go..

My Book Of Inventions

ISBN 10 : 0689845405
ISBN 13 : 9780689845406

Jimmy Neutron offers a look at his inventions, from his incredible shrinking machine to his transforming robotic dog, in a behind-the scenes look at the life of a boy genius...

This Book Isn T Safe

ISBN 10 : 9780451478771
ISBN 13 : 0451478770

Colin Furze, five-time Guinness World Record Holder and YouTube's undisputed king of crazy inventions, instructs fans and curious young inventors on how to build ten brand new wack..

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