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Strong Force

ISBN 10 : 0309095530
ISBN 13 : 9780309095532

Shirley Ann Jackson sees the unseen. She's an expert in the invisible particles that make up everything in the universe, including you. Shirley is a theoretical physicist, a scient..

Gravity Special Relativity And The Strong Force

ISBN 10 : 9781461439363
ISBN 13 : 1461439361

This book shows that the strong interaction forces, which keep hadrons and nuclei together, are relativistic gravitational forces exerted between very small particles in the mass r..

United By A Strong Force Of Separation

ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :

Kylie, a first daughter in a country that's on the forefront in the war against terrorism, is working towards achieving her dream of ending the Middle East crisis. While pursuing h..

Quarks Leptons And The Big Bang Second Edition

ISBN 10 : 0585312354
ISBN 13 : 9780585312354

Quarks, Leptons and The Big Bang is a clear, readable and self-contained introduction to particle physics and related areas of cosmology. It bridges the gap between non-technical p..

This First Time Publication Shows The Origins Operation Of The Nuclear Strong Force The Proton Neutron Electron And The Recently Identified Carrier Current Of The Photon

ISBN 10 : 9781477221457
ISBN 13 : 147722145X

A long and close review of proven basics overlooked in the field of nuclear physics, together with the many confirmed discoveries of the past several decades, has now revealed, 1. ..

Beyond Einstein

ISBN 10 : 0192861964
ISBN 13 : 9780192861962

What is superstring theory and why is it important? Can superstrings offer the fulfilment of Einstein's lifelong dream of a Theory of Everything? Co-authored by Michio Kaku, one of..