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The Physics of Rubber Elasticity (Oxford Classic Texts in the Physical Scie…

This book provides a critical review of the equilibrium elastic properties of rubber, together with the kinetic-theory background. It is suitable for the non-specialist and the emphasis is on the physical reality embodied in the mathmatical formulations. Polymer science had developed greatly since the second edition of this text in 1958, and the two main advances – the refinements of the network theory and associated thermodynamic analysis, and the development of the phenomenological or…

Materials Processing In High Gravity

ISBN 10 : 9781461525202
ISBN 13 : 1461525209

There are two motives for studying materials processing in centrifuges. First, such research improves our understanding of the influence of acceleration and convection on materials..

Introduction To Mesoscopic Physics

ISBN 10 : 0198507380
ISBN 13 : 9780198507383

This new edition of this superb text provides an introduction to this exciting growth area in physics. It will make an ideal text for those studying mesoscopic physics, electronic ..

The Science Of Hair Care

ISBN 10 : 9780824759698
ISBN 13 : 0824759699

The most comprehensive source on the subject, this Second Edition is completely revised and expanded to reveal the most recent advances, technologies, and trends in hair and hair c..

Organic And Physical Chemistry Of Polymers

ISBN 10 : 0470238119
ISBN 13 : 9780470238110

Organic and Physical Chemistry of Polymers provides a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of polymers, including their structure and synthesis as well as their chemical and p..

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