Dream Makers, The Stairway Press Collected Edition

A reprint of twenty-four interviews from legendary science fiction authors with updated Introduction and added historical context by the author. Authors include Stephen King, Philip K. Dick, L. Ron Hubbard (maybe), Kurt Vonnegut and many others. This collection is finally back in print and provides a stimulating look behind the scenes of the individual writing process while illuminating the tough nature of the publishing business.

Building the Golden Gate Bridge: A Workers’ Oral History

Silver Award Winner, 2016 Nautilus Book Award in Young Adult (YA) Non-Fiction

Moving beyond the familiar accounts of politics and the achievements of celebrity engineers and designers, Building the Golden Gate Bridge is the first book to primarily feature the voices of the workers themselves. This is the story of survivors who vividly recall the hardships, hazards, and victories of constructing the landmark span during the Great Depression.

Labor historian Harvey Schwartz has compiled oral…

The Apprenticeship of a Mathematician

From reviews: “Extremely readable… rare testimony of a period of the history of 20th century mathematics. Includes very interesting recollections on the author’s participation in the formation of the Bourbaki Group, tells of his meetings and conversations with leading mathematicians, reflects his views on mathematics. The book describes an extraordinary career of an exceptional man and mathematicians. Strongly recommended to specialists as well as to the general public.” –EMS Newsletter…

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