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Bullet Magnet: Britain’s Most Highly Decorated Frontline Soldier

A raw, honest and evocative account of life as the most highly decorated serving soldier in the British Army.

From the breakneck pace of an opening where he is in action in Helmand province, under fire from the Taliban, Mick Flynn pulls no punches. It’s obvious that he is a trained killer.

But how did it reach this point? The journey starts with his childhood, a working class lad, learning to fight and finding himself repeatedly on the wrong side of the law. Even after joining the Army he is…

American Rifle

ISBN 10 : 9780440338093
ISBN 13 : 0440338093

George Washington insisted that his portrait be painted with one. Daniel Boone created a legend with one. Abraham Lincoln shot them on the White House lawn. And Teddy Roosevelt had..


ISBN 10 : 9781476700274
ISBN 13 : 1476700273

In this groundbreaking book, two economists explain why economic imbalances cause civil collapse—and why America could be next. From the Ming Dynasty to Ottoman Turkey to Imperia..

Living Among Lions

ISBN 10 : 9780718078898
ISBN 13 : 0718078896

Meet Daniel. A Transformed Man Who Transformed His World. What does an ancient Jewish prophet have to do with modern America? What, if anything, can we learn from a man who lived 2..

Bull By The Horns

ISBN 10 : 9781451672503
ISBN 13 : 1451672500

“When Sheila Bair took over as head of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in 2006, the agency was probably better known for the ‘FDIC’ logo on the doors of the nation..

Jfk Conservative

ISBN 10 : 9780547585987
ISBN 13 : 0547585985

A controversial portrait of the thirty-fifth president explores his less-recognized roles in promoting anti-communism, tax cuts, free trade, and other agendas that had distinctly c..

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