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Darwin and the Barnacle

Darwin and the Barnacle by Rebecca Stott, lavishly illustrated and superbly told, is the fascinating story of how genius sometimes proceeds through indirection – and how one small item of curiosity contributed to history’s most spectacular scientific breakthrough.

Darwin And The Barnacle

ISBN 10 : 0393325717
ISBN 13 : 9780393325713

The author reveals why Darwin waited two decades to release his controversial theories of natural selection and evolution, in a fascinating portrait of the turbulent world of Victo..


ISBN 10 : 0412444208
ISBN 13 : 9780412444203

A great deal is now known about the functional organization, physiology, reproduction, and development of barnacles. For the first time, this book brings to bear all aspects of thi..

The Triumph Of The Darwinian Method

ISBN 10 : 0486432742
ISBN 13 : 9780486432748

A coherent treatment of the flow of ideas throughout Darwin's works, this volume presents a unified theoretical system that explains Darwin's investigations, evaluating the literat..

Barnacle Biology

ISBN 10 : 9061916283
ISBN 13 : 9789061916284

This text gives an overview of almost all aspects of barnacle biology covering advances made since Charles Darwin to the present day...

Darwin S Ghosts

ISBN 10 : 9781408831014
ISBN 13 : 1408831015

An electrifying account of the extraordinary untold history behind Darwin's theory of evolution..

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