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Fulcanelli and the Alchemical Revival: The Man Behind the Mystery of the Ca…

Fulcanelli and the Alchemical Revival Sheds light on the identity of the alchemist Fulcanelli, who allegedly succeeded in creating the philosopher’s stone. This book looks at the esoteric milieu of Paris at the turn of the century, a time that witnessed a great revival of the alchemical tradition and investigates some of its salient personalities. Full description

Fulcanelli And The Alchemical Revival

ISBN 10 : 9781620553350
ISBN 13 : 162055335X

Sheds new light on the identity of the alchemist Fulcanelli • Provides new understanding of the relationships between the most important figures of the esoteric milieu of Paris i..

The Magician S Companion

ISBN 10 : 0875428681
ISBN 13 : 9780875428680

The Magician's Companion by Bill Whitcomb is the most complete collection of practical information on magical systems from around the world you can add to your magical techniques. ..

Mystics And Saints Of Islam

ISBN 10 : 9781616405304
ISBN 13 : 1616405309

Mystics and Saints of Islam is a compilation of 15 short biographies of great Islamic saints and mystics, as reflected in the title of the book. Author Claud Field opens with a sho..


ISBN 10 : 9197410217
ISBN 13 : 9789197410212

This book is an introduction to runosophy, the wisdom of the runes, and to practical rune magic. The runes are dynamic symbols that characterise hidden forces. The outer shapes of ..

Mullahs On The Mainframe

ISBN 10 : 9780226056760
ISBN 13 : 0226056767

In Jonah Blank's important, myth-shattering book, the West gets its first look at the Daudi Bohras, a unique Muslim denomination who have found the core of their religious beliefs ..

The Women Of Karbala

ISBN 10 : 9780292784444
ISBN 13 : 0292784449

Commemorating the Battle of Karbala, in which the Prophet Mohammad's grandson Hosayn and seventy-two of his family members and supporters were martyred in 680 CE, is the central re..

The Magician S Reflection

ISBN 10 : 1567188141
ISBN 13 : 9781567188141

Discover how to explore the inner worlds of your subconscious and tap into the elemental powers of nature by using the magical language of symbolism, as explained in The Magician's..

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