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Stephen Hawking

ISBN 10 : 0313323925
ISBN 13 : 9780313323928

Presents the life and accomplishments of the English scientist, who, despite suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, has become a renowned cosmologist whose theory of black holes has ..

My Brief History

ISBN 10 : 9780345535283
ISBN 13 : 0345535286

The famous physicist details the events of his life and career, including attending Oxford and Cambridge, his ALS diagnosis, his study of black holes, and his penning of the bestse..

The Grand Design

ISBN 10 : 9780553907070
ISBN 13 : 0553907077

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER When and how did the universe begin? Why are we here? What is the nature of reality? Is the apparent “grand design” of our universe evidence of a b..

Introducing Stephen Hawking

ISBN 10 : 9781848317772
ISBN 13 : 1848317778

Stephen Hawking is the world-famous physicist with a cameo in "The Simpsons on his CV", but outside his academic field his work is little understood. To the public he is a tragic f..

God And Stephen Hawking

ISBN 10 : 9780745959375
ISBN 13 : 0745959377

'The Grand Design', by eminent scientist Stephen Hawking, is the latest blockbusting contribution to the so-called New Atheist debate, and claims that the laws of physics themselve..

Black Holes

ISBN 10 : 9780399179006
ISBN 13 : 0399179003

The legendary physicist explores his favorite subject in a pair of enlightening, accessible, and cleverly illustrated essays for curious readers, originally delivered as BBC lectur..

The Universe In A Nutshell

ISBN 10 : 9780553802023
ISBN 13 : 055380202X

The author explores recent scientific breakthroughs in the fields of supergravity, supersymmetry, quantum theory, superstring theory, and p-branes as he searches for the Theory of ..