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Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Univ…

‘This terrific memoir… is utterly gripping’ Mail on Sunday

‘Read this book and be inspired to reach for the impossible’ Brian Greene

Many children dream of becoming an astronaut when they grow up, but when a six-year-old Mike Massimino saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon he knew what he wanted to do when he became an adult. But NASA rejected him; then when he applied again they turned him down because of his poor eyesight. For the next year he trained his eyes to work better and…

An Express Of The Future

ISBN 10 : 9781776672011
ISBN 13 : 1776672011

Though originally attributed to his father, Jules Verne, due to an error on the part of the publisher, the short tale "An Express of the Future" was actually penned by Jules Verne'..

Lego Star Wars The Power Of The Sith

ISBN 10 : 1405281200
ISBN 13 : 9781405281201

No one remembers exactly who discovered the existence of the Force, but beyond any doubt the most evil users of the Force were the Sith. Discover the dark secrets of the Sith emper..

Parliamentary Socialism

ISBN 10 : 0850361354
ISBN 13 : 9780850361353

Reflecting on the Labor government of Harold Wilson between 1964 and 1970, this concise analysis chronicles the Labor Party from its early days up to the early 1960s, including a 1..

The Flight Of The Maidens

ISBN 10 : 9781609454067
ISBN 13 : 1609454065

Jane Gardam, author of the Old Filth Trilogy, delivers another modern classic in The Flight of the Maidens. With her characteristic wit, Gardam captures a moment in time for three ..

The Maci And Taylor Wedding Album

ISBN 10 : 9781682613221
ISBN 13 : 1682613224

Maci Bookout’s storybook romance with Taylor McKinney has culminated in a beautiful wedding—and now you can color it! From the ceremony at the Honey Lake Plantation Church to t..

The Gift Of The Gab

ISBN 10 : 9780300214260
ISBN 13 : 030021426X

A many-faceted exploration of spoken eloquence: how it works, how it has evolved, and how to tap its remarkable power..

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