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“Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”: Adventures of a Curious Character

A series of anecdotes, such as are included in Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman, shouldn’t by rights add up to an autobiography, but that’s just one of the many pieces of received wisdom that Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman (1918-88) cheerfully ignores in this engagingly eccentric book. Fiercely independent (read the chapter entitled “Judging Books by Their Covers”), intolerant of stupidity even when it comes packaged as high intellectualism (check out “Is Electricity Fire?”),…

A Universe From Nothing

ISBN 10 : 9781451624472
ISBN 13 : 1451624476

Bestselling author and acclaimed physicist Lawrence Krauss offers a paradigm-shifting view of how everything that exists came to be in the first place. “Where did the universe co..


ISBN 10 : 9781453210437
ISBN 13 : 1453210431

New York Times Bestseller: This life story of the quirky physicist is “a thorough and masterful portrait of one of the great minds of the century” (The New York Review of Books..

Classic Feynman

ISBN 10 : 0393061329
ISBN 13 : 9780393061321

An omnibus edition of classic adventure tales by the Nobel Prize-winning physicist includes his exchanges with Einstein and Bohr, ideas about gambling with Nick the Greek, and solu..

Feynman S Tips On Physics

ISBN 10 : 9780465027972
ISBN 13 : 0465027970

"With characteristic flair, insight, and humor, Feynman discusses topics physics students often struggle with and offers valuable tips on addressing them. Included here are three l..


ISBN 10 : 9780061661181
ISBN 13 : 006166118X

Dead cats. That's the image many people conjure up when you mention curiosity. An image perpetuated by a dusty old proverb that has long represented the extent of our understanding..

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