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The Dirty Chef: From big city food critic to foodie farmer

From an often controversial job as one of Australia’s most powerful food critics, Matthew Evans stepped, unknowing and untested, off the treadmill. Leaving the urban grit of a terrace house in Sydney’s inner west, he ended up on 20 acres in Australia’s most southernmost shire; a smallholder farmer in Tasmania with no clue. What is it really like to take the plunge and leave a whole world of familiar people, places and work behind? How does it feel to have never used a cordless drill, to…

The Dirty Chef

ISBN 10 : 9781743316962
ISBN 13 : 1743316968

How do you go from being an urban dag to a country boy without any experience of the bush? In 2008 Matthew Evans, one of Australia's most powerful food critics, stepped off the Syd..

The Real Food Companion

ISBN 10 : 1741967201
ISBN 13 : 9781741967203

An 'easily digestible, but detailed insight into the way food is made, handled, sold and cooked. It's a cookbook with a focus. It will empower you when you visit a farmer's market,..

The Call Of The Farm

ISBN 10 : 9781615192151
ISBN 13 : 1615192158

Rochelle Bilow, a classically trained cook and aspiring food writer, was nursing a broken heart and frustrated with her yet-to-take-off career when she set out to write a short pro..

Never Order Chicken On A Monday

ISBN 10 : 9781741666960
ISBN 13 : 1741666961

What is it really like to work in a restaurant? What do chefs do when they are running out of the night's most popular dish? Do they really serve food that is on the turn? And how ..

Not Just Jam

ISBN 10 : 9781952533570
ISBN 13 : 1952533570

Not Just Jam is gourmet farmer Matthew Evans's ode to the surplus of the seasons - a collection of more than 90 modern recipes for old-fashioned preserving methods. Not just for th..

The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book

ISBN 10 : 1742664415
ISBN 13 : 9781742664415

As seen on SBS TV's The Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans and his friends share the secrets to making your own smallgoods and preserves, and using them in delicious recipes...

America S Best Food Cities

ISBN 10 : 9781682305416
ISBN 13 : 1682305414

Where are the best meals in the United States? For Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post’s food critic, the answer is more than a test. It’s a quest—one that can end in your own ..

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