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The Nemesis File – The True Story of an SAS Execution Squad: The True Story…

’I salute Paul Bruce. His decision to reveal the brutal truth is the act of a truly brave man.’ – Captain Fred J. Holyrod, former MI6 Officer, Northern Ireland

Paul Bruce was a tough, idealistic young trooper in the SAS when he was dispatched to Northern Ireland. His top-secret mission: to execute IRA suspects in cold blood.

Bruce and three SAS comrades shot down one terrified victim after another, leaving the bodies to be buried in deep, unmarked woodland graves.

The soldiers grew their…

The Nemesis File

ISBN 10 : 185782167X
ISBN 13 : 9781857821673

A former SAS sergeant reveals the devastating and extraordinary details of the most horrifying assignment ever undertaken by the regiment...

The Nemesis File

ISBN 10 : 1843582732
ISBN 13 : 9781843582731

The true story of an SAS execution squad...

The Best Care Possible

ISBN 10 : 9781583335123
ISBN 13 : 1583335129

A palliative care doctor on the front lines of hospital care illuminates one of the most important and controversial ethical issues of our time on his quest to transform care throu..

War Stars

ISBN 10 : 1558496513
ISBN 13 : 9781558496514

In this revised and expanded edition, H. Bruce Franklin brings the epic story of the superweapon and the American imagination into the ominous 21st century, demonstrating its conti..

Mrf Shadow Troop

ISBN 10 : 1909609021
ISBN 13 : 9781909609020

"They are not in business to make arrests, but they are specialists operating in areas of greater risk than is experienced by ordinary soldiers in Ulster... They are 300 times more..

The Operators

ISBN 10 : 1781592624
ISBN 13 : 9781781592625

Until now there has not been a serious study of the rifle-armed regiments of the British Army that earned such renown in the Peninsular and Waterloo campaigns. Compiled by a former..

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